About Nico and Ward

Nico Bell feel in love with good bad movies after watching The Toxic Avenger. She soon developed an addiction for underrated movies and decided to share her passion by starting Box Office Refund Podcast. 

Nico is a dark fiction and horror writer. Her work has been featured in Drabbledark Anthologies and 101words.org. You can find her on TwitterInstagram, or her website where she regularly blogs about writing tips and book recommendations. She is also a horror and science fiction book and movie review on Scifiandscary. 
When Nico isn't watching movies or writing, she enjoys reading psychological thrillers, baking cinnamon sugar donuts and playing with her two canine beasts.  
Ward watches a lot of movies, and at one point had watched all but one movie on the IMDB Top 250 list. Now he's watching bad movies for the Box Office Refund podcast, having made the jump from just a guest host to full time co-host.

If you want to read movie reviews, check out Cross the Netflix Stream where Ward provides reviews that span genres, time periods, and distributors. This year will be the third consecutive time he's reviewed over 200 movies in a calendar year. The site also keeps you up to date on the release schedule for Netflix originals, news, and videos.

Check out Ward's projects on the WardWorks blog or Instagram. Home, woodworking, furniture, tools, toys, props, costumes, and more, there is something DIY for everyone. The blog started because Ward attempted previous projects again and couldn't figure out how he did it the first time. Now he and you will know, and knowing is half the battle.

He's a freelance 3d modeler, writer, graphic designer, and film maker. If it's creative he's done or wants to do it. Do you just love to hear Ward talk about a lot of nothing? Check out his other podcast Fridays on the Fly.

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